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Western Branch Little League Girls Fast Pitch Softball


Frequently Asked Question's


What do I need to provide for residency and why?
- SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM. This form must be filled out by the school administration and returned to WBLL to keep in your child's registration packet. The school must be in the 23321 zip code. This is also the easiest for future registrations and for our volunteers to keep track of:)
Note to the administration that Official/Certified school enrollment record must be dated prior to October 1 of current academic year.
If school changes or child moves outside of 23321 a Little League IID waiver form can be submitted as long as your player never breaks service with WBLL
Click here to view and print the School Enrollment Form
Click here for the iiD Waiver form

- 3 proofs of residency (i.e. Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and a utility bill dated Feb 1st of the previous year to Feb 1st of the current year. 
Little League has 3 groups that you have to provide one proof for each group. Those groups can be found in the link below. 
Little League Residency Requirements

- If your child has participated in prior years All Stars and has a PLAYER VERIFICATION FORM then residency does not need to be proven so long as that player never breaks service with WBLL. 


The Why??? Per Little League Website, While the 17 accepted residency documents are the same as in past seasons, this change further enhances and refines the residency policy by assuring that local leagues or districts are determining a player’s place of residence by using documents from multiple origins.

How is league age determined?

League Age for softball is determined by your daughters age on December 31 of the year before Spring Season.

Why are earrings not allowed?
No jewelry is allowed during any practice or game. This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets of any kind including rubber and cloth. The ONLY exception in a medical alert bracelet or necklace.
BAND AIDS are NOT allowed to cover earrings.

What do I need to supply?
* Each player needs to have their own cleats, pants, and a glove.
* Cleats are optional at the Tee Ball  level. However it is highly recommended that they have them. The clay can get slippery when it gets wet. The field clay will also stain just about any thing it touches.
* Black Softball Pants.
* The league provides the uniform jersey for the season. This jersey must be turned in at the end of the season.
* Sliding shorts are recommended, this is for the Majors aged 9 and up.
* Gloves vary in many ways, the most important thing is that it fits the players hand. At the coach pitch and tee ball level the girls need to be able to squeeze it closed.
Here is a good link for additional information about gloves

Do I need a Batting Helmet and Bat?
The league supplies each team with helmets and bats. However, as the girls move up from tee ball, coach pitch and so one, they tend to get attached to their "stuff". Please keep in mind that helmets can not have any stickers, paints or repairs done with out the authority of the helmet manufacturer. Try to find the best bat for your player. Here are some simple tips to help guide you through this process. See the chart below for the length of bat recommended for your players height and weight. Now some players are different from case to case. Ensure your player can reach the bat standing straight up with her arms to her side. If she can get two fingers past the knob the height is good. Now have your player grasp the bat with her primary hand and hold it out in front of her without her wrist breaking. Keep going up in weight until she cannot hold the bat up with ease. Go back to the previous weight and that is the correct weight for your player.

Bat Sizing Guide

Bats range from 26 to 32 inches for teball, minors and majors, and 30 to 34 inches long for our senior players. They will typically have a drop weight ranging from -8 to -14. The drop weight indicates the length to weight ratio. It is a simple concept, so don't let it confuse you; just taking the weight minus the length to come up with a negative number that is called the drop. For instance, a 34-inch bat that weighs 24 ounces is a -10 drop weight. See below some average drop weights.

  • Ages 8 & under: -12 to -14
  • Ages 8 to 14: -12 to -10
  • Ages 14 & up: -11 to -8

  • If it rains or reschedule of a game? 

    Sign up on our Facebook page to receive updates about cancelations. 
    This is simple, your team manager or coach is your contact person. Our rule is if you do not hear from your team manager or coach you are still playing. Please don't assume in this case and leave your players team short.

    Why do I have Concessions Duty?
    Concessions stand profits make up about 50% of the income needed to support Western Branch Little League. We try keep our registrations low and expect each players parent to volunteer their time to help support the league. Registrations fees cover about 30% of the cost for each player to participate in the Spring. Yes, we play on city fields, but we, the league, fund all the maintenance needed, including the cost of the field lights. See our Budget. The rest comes from fundraiser and sponsor donations.

    What are Player Evaluations?
     Player Evaluations are not used to cut girls, but to make the best attempt to balance the talent across the teams.
    There are no evaluations for Fall Ball. The fall season is an intruduction and skill building season. Girls who played together in the spring are generally kept together in the fall season.

    When will I hear which team my daughter is on?
    In the Spring, you should hear with in one week of tryouts.

    In the Fall, you should hear by the first Friday of public school starts.